TCMA conferences have two purposes – to enable professional development and to provide opportunities for networking between chaplains. Thus, the programme always contains keynote speakers and workshops led by practising chaplains to facilitate professional development as well as social activities and free time to facilitate networking. Since the first global tertiary chaplains’ conference in 2000, the TCMA has organised conferences in Australia for three years in every four, and has encouraged members to attend the international conference in the fourth year. The venue for local conferences varies from year to year as groups of chaplains in particular locations volunteer to organise a particular conference.

The TCMA is aware that while some chaplains are paid for by either their religious body or their university to attend conferences, others are not able to access this kind of financial support. Subsidies are therefore made available to help those who cannot afford to attend.  Information about subsidies are made available before each conference through the TCMA email list and on this website.