2012 Global Conference

For all those who cannot attend the conference, the keynotes on Tuesday through Thursday (Rev. Gail Bowman, Rabbi David Ellenson, and Ingrid Mattson) will be livestreamed here

Please feel free to check it out



Applications for TCMA members to apply for subsidies are now open and close on 28th October 2012.  Click here to download the Yale Subsidies (pdf) or in word format Yale Subsidies (word format)


Greetings everyone,

Sharon Kugler, convenor of the next global conference, has sent the following invitation to attend the 2012 conference in Yale.

Dear Colleague,

We are writing to announce a groundbreaking conference that is happening at Yale University in June 2012. We are asking you to kindly pass this message on to the appropriate colleague or colleagues at your institution.

Every four years, the International Association of Chaplains in Higher Education (IACHE) sponsors a professional conference in collaboration with national chaplain associations. Since our first gathering in Canada in June of 2000, and subsequently in Australia (2004) and Finland (2008), college and university chaplains from around the world have come together to hear dynamic speakers, share ideas about emerging trends and to forge friendships across multiple cultural, religious and ethnic traditions. From June 25 to June 29, 2012 in New Haven, Connecticut, which is approximately 90 miles north of New York City, we will be welcoming religious professionals who serve college and university campuses to “Mosaics in Motion: Spiritual Leadership in Multifaith World.”

The world we all share is no longer static. Globalization and technology has given us unprecedented opportunities to cultivate new kinds of religious literacy that invite those working in ministry in higher education to actively seek to deepen understanding across all religious and spiritual traditions. With this global gathering, we hope to truly embrace the growing multifaith dimensions of our chaplaincies. This conference will offer innovative approaches to engage and respectively challenge one another across varying perspectives through art, music, conversation and thoughtful reflection.

In 2012 the theme “Mosaics in Motion: Spiritual Leadership in a Multifaith World” will be explored by looking at the core values of:

  • religious literacy
  • radical hospitality
  • service with thoughtful reflection
  • creating and sharing sacred space

It is our hope to be as inclusive as possible. Therefore, we enthusiastically welcome participation from a wide range of global religious and spiritual traditions. We are prepared to offer financial assistance to chaplains from developing countries in the form of scholarships to offset registration fees. We are also able to offer a limited number of scholarships to current seminarians who are interested in pursuing ministry in higher education.

Conference participants will enjoy a diverse collection of dynamic programs, including keynote addresses and concurrent sessions of roundtables, chaplain voices, and paper presentations. Participants are welcome to submit proposals for concurrent sessions.

For more information about this unique professional development experience including information on fees, scholarships, important dates, travel and accommodations please visit our website, globalchaplains2012.comRegistration begins on July 12, 2011. Please check this site often as we are frequently updating it. We look forward to seeing you in New Haven next June!

Sending you all good wishes,

Sharon M.K. Kugler

Chair of Global 2012 Conference Committee

Yale University Chaplain


Rabbi Serena Fujita

Chair of IACHE Executive Committee

Bucknell University Jewish Chaplain