Membership of the Association is open to all persons, lay or ordained, who have the formal endorsement of their Religious Authority and are accredited by their tertiary institution and also those who are employed by a University or College as Chaplain. Other people who support the ideals of the Association may be accepted as associate members by the Annual General Meeting. Ordinary membership is $30 and associate membership is $20.Those wishing to join should download the membership nomination form as either a Word (44 KB), or .pdf (35 KB) file, complete it and return it to the Secretary. If you do not know a member of the TCMA who can nominate you, the Secretary will be able help you to find a suitable person. The National Executive of the TCMA (Australia) approves membership applications.
As chaplains usually work in a secular environment, TCMA trusts that they will work co-operatively, across faith boundaries, and try to meet the spiritual needs of the students or staff in their institution. They do not engage in proselytising, or any behaviour likely to cause difficulties for the community they serve, nor attack the sincere beliefs of others working in that community. The chaplain should offer an interactive and proactive service to the whole university community. The qualifications expected in those undertaking this work would normally be:
  • Active involvement in the spiritual development and pastoral care of the tertiary education community;
  • Membership of a recognised religious organisation, and authorisation by that organisation;
  • Endorsement by a tertiary education institution to operate within that institution in a spiritual and pastoral role;
  • Hold an undergraduate degree or equivalent accreditation;
  • Possess a recognised theological or religious training;
  • Have appropriate and proven pastoral experience;
  • Have an ability to work co-operatively with people of varying faith backgrounds.