Submission Guidelines

The Journal of the Tertiary Campus Ministry Association (JTCMA) is published by the Tertiary Campus Ministry Association (Australia).  The guiding editorial policy is that articles should be original and of interest to campus ministers / chaplains / religious professionals working in higher education.  Submissions may include comment and debate on theoretical issues, original research projects, discussions on aspects of chaplaincy services, on policy issues, or on inter-faith or multi-faith initiatives, or reviews of relevant books.

The journal publishes a range of refereed and non-refereed papers.

  • Refereed papers are submitted to the editor, who passes them on to two expert referees for double-blind review. The referee reports, together with any annotations and comments, will be passed back to the author by the editor. When submitting a paper for peer-review, please ensure it contains no identifying information about the author. Personal details should be recorded on an accompanying cover sheet. Papers for peer-review should be limited in size to 4000-7000 words (including references). They should include an abstract not exceeding 250 words, and up to six keywords.
  • Non-refereed papers, professional reflections and other articles are published at the discretion of the editor. Articles should be limited to 1500-2000 words in length (including references) and include up to six key words. No abstract is required for non-refereed papers.
  • Book reviews will also be considered for publication. They should address the content of the book, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as address the question of how it might be useful or relevant in the context of campus ministry. Book reviews should not exceed 1500 words in length.

Each article offered for publication should be accompanied by a brief biography of the author (approximately 100 words).

Minimal formatting should be used in all articles – paragraph indents, section breaks and the like should be avoided, as should the use of styles provided by your word processing software to indicate different levels of heading. Contributions should not normally contain more than three levels of heading. The preferred style for the JTCMA is the Harvard style. (For assistance with this, see here.)

Quotations need to be clearly marked, as any long quotations will be appropriately set in print.  Quotations, three lines of normal text or less, should be set within double inverted commas, with any quotations within quotations to use single inverted commas. Quotations longer than three lines should be indented. Bullet points may also be used where appropriate.

The correct citation of all sources is the responsibility of the author and the journal takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions.  All coding from citation software (such as EndNote) must be removed prior to submission. Footnotes, if used at all, should be at the bottom of each relevant page and should be kept to a minimum.

Diagrams and tables must be no larger than 23 x 16 centimetres, and should be submitted as separate files, with the location within the text clearly indicated by the words “insert table/figure in here”. Note that JTCMA is unable to reproduce colour material and it is the responsibility of the author to provide diagrams and photographs in black and white/greyscale. Tables should be formatted simply, without shading. Any photographs or other graphics should be submitted in high resolution (at least 300 dpi).

It is the responsibility of the author to secure the appropriate permissions to use any copyright material (e.g. photographs and other graphics, poetry, lyrics) before submitting the text, and evidence of permission should be included with your submission.

Please submit all manuscripts, along with files for diagrams and tables, electronically using Microsoft Word or compatible software to the editor ( Use the one font throughout, preferably the default font used by your word processing software.

Any queries regarding submissions should be directed to the editor.



Updated April 2012